Updates to The Complete List of Biblioblogs

The Complete List of Biblioblogs, which lists every blog whose primary interest is academic biblical studies, has been updated on The Biblioblog Top 50. We regret that the list had not been sufficiently updated over the last two years and we are now seeking to restore it as a useful tool for biblical studies bloggers and their users.

If you are aware of any blogs which should be added to the list, or any other changes which should be made, please email biblioblogtop50 [at] yahoo.com.

For users’ convenience, the top 20 and top 50 biblioblogs are indicated beside each relevant biblical studies blog. Rankings will be revised quarterly, and will take into account the biblical studies content and the impact and popularity of the blog (i.e. applying standard X Factor rules, mutatis mutandis). The first quarterly update will take place for the quarter ending 30 June 2013.

6 thoughts on “Updates to The Complete List of Biblioblogs

  1. “Textual Criticism, Translation, and Linguistics”? I’ll take it–that’s some good company!

    Do I get a badge for being Top 50? I promise I’m not competitive about blogging.

  2. Two things: (1) I’ve asked before that my two non-Bible blogs be removed from this list. My only biblical studies blog is Naked Bible. (2) The Naked Bible should be under general biblical studies. Thanks!

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