Top 50 Biblioblogs – June 2014 quarter

The top 50 biblioblogs (and more) for the June ’14 quarter:

  1. Zwinglius Redivivus
  2. Jesus Creed
  3. Observatório Bíblico
  4. New Life
  5. Bibbia Blog
  6. Rethinking Biblical Christianity
  7. Reading Acts
  8. Bible Study and the Christian Life
  9. Debunking Christianity
  10. Exploring Our Matrix
  11. Henry Neufeld
  12. Unsettled Christianity
  13. Aantekeningen bij de Bijbel
  14. Bible Places
  15. Dust
  16. Peter Kirby
  17. Tabor Blog
  18. 5 Minute Bible
  19. Sansblogue
  20. Teknia

See the complete list at:

2 thoughts on “Top 50 Biblioblogs – June 2014 quarter

  1. Hello Peter,

    Thanks for the list you have provided in this post. I was looking for bible blogs. Please update more blogs list.

    Dr. Diana

  2. This is really not a comment on this article. I can’t find a place on this website to ask the website managers this question. My name is Albert Nygren and before the Biblioblog computers crashed a few years ago I was listed as an Author, #5221. I am very happy that the Biblioblog is back in business and running but I can’t find my name anywhere or anything that used to be listed on this log that I wrote. I have saved a page from the old Biblioblog with my name on it and some of the things I had written back then. If you check your sources you will find many more comments on religion and God since then and would like them to be listed under my name in your new blog. I have just registered and put my email that I only give to close friends so I will give you my other email so that you won’t have to publish my private one. My email address is

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