Biblical Studies Carnival: Numbering Scandal!

Update: We were wrong. See the correction post.


We have recently updated the list of Biblical Studies Carnivals, for your reading pleasure. Check it out!

But in updating the list, we discovered the Greatest Scandal in the 13-year history of the Biblical Studies Carnival. From 2018, the carnival numbers have gone awry.


When Bob MacDonald (Dust) hosted the carnival covering the month of January 2018, he numbered it the 143rd Biblical Studies Carnival. But the carnivals had not been numbered for quite a few months before this. Scandalously, it was not the 143rd, but the 144th carnival. Oh Bob, how could you?!?

As a result, the February 2018 Carnival was not the 144th, but the 145th. The March 2018 Carnival was not the 145th, but the 146th. Fortunately, the April 2018 Carnival was not numbered. But the May 2018 Carnival was incorrectly numbered as the 147th, when it was the 148th.


We just hope that the True Numbering may be restored.


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