The Complete List of Biblioblogs and Biblioblog Top 50 relies on volunteers from the biblical studies blogging community to compile the lists and keep them current.  Any biblioblogging volunteers who wish to help in maintaining these lists are welcome to email biblioblogtop50 [at] yahoo.com to be included on the administration team. The make-up of the team will accordingly vary over time.

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  1. I have been consulting with my “Web Master” and doing a bit of reading on the Internet and my conclusion is that Alexa rankings are complete bunk and arbitrary manipulation. The only good way to measure traffic is with some ranking like Google Analytics, that actually gives you Unique Visitor Numbers and Page Views. I know this was what Steve used to use on Biblioblog 50. There is no doubt that by ANY measure Jim West is #1 and probably always will be, Alexa or otherwise, but why did the Biblioblog Top 50 move to this bogus system that depends on one manipulating data and installing Alexa toolbars, etc. See http://waystoavoidscamsonline.com/how-does-alexa-track-traffic-do-they-really-have-a-grasp-of-your-traffic and many other articles on the Web.

  2. Hello. I have a question for you. Westar Institute recently set up a blog that will mostly cover topics in early Christian and NT studies. I was looking for blogging communities to connect our blog with and found your site. It’s not clear to me how you set up your lists and information, but we’d love to be included if we fit your parameters. Best wishes!

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