Complete List of Biblioblogs

This is a list of currently active biblioblogs (Biblical Studies Blogs). 

“Biblioblogs” are blogs which deal primarily with matters concerning academic biblical studies. While this is the most useful, most up-to-date and best list of biblical studies blogs available, it is not “official” or “authoritative”, and we can only aim to be complete. If you know of any blog which should be added to this list, please contact biblioblogtop50 [at]

The biblioblogs are categorized as follows:

  1. General Biblical Studies
  2. Hebrew Bible / Early Judaism
  3. New Testament / Early Christianity
  4. Textual Criticism, Translation, and Linguistics
  5. Theory and Reception
  6. Commercial Journals and Publishers


Biblioblogger Biblioblog
1. General Biblical Studies:
Caroline Blyth, et al Auckland Theology, Biblical Studies, et al
Deane Galbraith, James Crossley Biblical Studies Online
Rob Bradshaw Biblical Studies Blog
Danny Zacharias Biblical Studies journal alerts
Ekaterini G. Tsalampouni Ιστολόγιο βιβλικών σπουδών / Biblical Studies Blog 
Michael Heiser The Naked Bible Podcast
Airton José da Silva Observatório Bíblico
Neil Godfrey Vridar
Women Biblical Scholars Women Biblical Scholars
Jim West Zwinglius Redivivus
2. Hebrew Bible / Early Judaism:
2a. General Hebrew Bible
Tim Bulkeley 5 Minute Bible
J. P. van de Giessen Aantekeningen bij de Bijbel 
Krista Dalton et al Ancient Jew Review
Andrei Orlov Aндрей Орлов’s Journal
Oliver Achilles Auslegungsache
Stephen L. Cook Biblische Ausbildung
Claude Mariottini Dr. Claude Mariottini
Bob MacDonald Dust
Cláudia Andréa Prata Ferreira Estudos Bíblicos
Andrew J. Brown First Three Quarters
Klaas Spronk Klaas Spronk’s Weblog
Michael Langlois Michael Langlois
Anthony Loke Old testament passion 
Jim Davila PaleoJudaica
Lawrence Schiffman Prof. Lawrence H. Schiffman
Ben Stanhope Remythologized
Tim Bulkeley Sansblogue
Michael Press Textual Cultures, Material Cultures
Marc Zvi Brettler, David D. Steinberg, Zev Farber, et al The Torah: A Historical and Contextual Approach
George Athas With Meagre Powers
2b. Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East
Aren Maeir The Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project Official (and Unofficial) Weblog
Will Hart Brown The Biblical Review
Bob Cargill XKV8TR
3. New Testament / Early Christianity:
3a. General New Testament
Steve Walton Acts and More
Flávio Souza, et al Ad Cummulus
A.K.M. Adam Akma
Jan Krans, Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte, Arie Zwiep, Martin de Boer Amsterdam NT Weblog
Ben Witherington The Bible and Culture
Craig Keener Bible Background
Peter Enns The Bible for Normal People
Charles Savelle Bible X
David Rhoads et al Biblical Performance Criticism
J. K. Gayle et al BLT — Bible * Literature * Translation
Brian W. Davidson Centre for Ancient Christian Studies
New College, University of Edinburgh Centre for the Study of Christian Origins
Chris Tilling Chrisendom
Ken Schenck Common Denominator
Ben Winter, Johanna Byrkett, John Ehrett, et al Conciliar Post
Nijay K. Gupta Crux Sola
Darrell Pursiful Dr. Platypus
Ben C. Blackwell Dunelm Road
Pavlos D. Vasileiadis e-homo religiosus
Jason Eis Doxan
Various Eksegeettinen safari 
Manuel Rojas Estudios Bíblicos 
Westar Institute Ethics & Early Christianity Blog
Michael F. Bird, et al Evangelion / ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΟΝ
James McGrath Religion Prof
Wayne Coppins German for Neutestamentler
David M. Miller Ger Vatoshav
James Crossley Harnessing Chaos
Stephen C. Carlson Hypotyposeis
David Stark In The Text
James Bradford Pate James’ Thoughts and Musings
Peter J. Leithart Leithart
Lindsay Kennedy My Digital Seminary
Marg Mowczko Marg Mowczko
Matthew D. Montonini New Testament Perspectives
Ian Mills and Laura Robinson New Testament Review podcast
Wayne Slusser NT Resources Blog
Bill Heroman NT/History Blog
Jones Mendonça Numinosum
Andrew Perriman P.OST
Jacob J. Prahlow Pursuing Veritas
Phillip Long Reading Acts
Mike S Reflections
Sarah Dixon, et al Reviews of Biblical and Early Christian Studies
Nick Norelli Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
Robert Myles Robert Myles’ Blog
Michael Barber, Brant Pitre & John Kincaid The Sacred Page
Karen R. Keen Scripture. Culture. Impact.
Simon J. Joseph Simon J. Joseph
Henry Neufeld Threads from Henry’s Web
David B. Capes A Word in Edgewise
Universität Zürich Zürich New Testament Blog
3b. Gospels, Jesus
Bart Ehrman The Bart Ehrman Blog
Anthony Le Donne et al The Jesus Blog
Michael Kok The Jesus Memoirs
Larry Hurtado Larry Hurtado’s Blog
Mark Goodacre NT Blog
Mark Goodacre NT Pod 
James Tabor Tabor Blog
3c. Paul, deutero-Paulines
Richard Fellows Paul and co-workers
Max Lee Paul Redux
Brian Small Polumeros kai Polutropos 
3d. Greco-Roman Culture
Arne Berge Arne Berge
Todd Bolen Bible Places
Ferrell Jenkins Ferrell’s Travel Blog
Torrey Seland Philonica et Neotestamentica
3e. Christian Origins and NT Apocrypha
Tony Burke Apocryphicity
Laurence Mellerin Biblindex
Kyle Hughes Early Christian Archives (τὰ ἀρχεῖα)
Roberta Mazza Faces&Voices
April DeConick Forbidden Gospels Blog 
Eric M. Vanden Eykel The Least Creative Homepage in the History of Humanity
Tony Burke North American Association for the Study of Christian Apocrypha
4. Textual Criticism, Translation, and Linguistics:
4a. General Textual Criticism
Tommy Wasserman et al Evangelical Textual Criticism
4b. Old Testament and aNE Textual Criticism
Ezra Chwat גילוי מילתא בעלמא Giluy Milta B’alma
Cláudia Andréa Prata Ferreira Língua Hebraica 
Drew Longacre OTTC: A Blog for Old Testament Textual Criticism
4c. Septuagint Studies
Brian W. Davidson Brian W. Davidson
John Meade LXX Studies
William A. Ross William A. Ross
Abram K-J Words on the Word
4d. New Testament and Early Christian Textual Criticism
Alin Suciu Alin Suciu
Bill Mounce Bill Mounce
Lao Shi (Jennifer ) Chiou Chioulaoshi Blog / 邱老師網誌
David Sriboonreuang Coptic Scriptorium
Daniel B. Wallace Daniel B. Wallace
Jacob Cerone ἐνθύμησις
Micheal Palmer Greek Language and Linguistics
Dirk Jongkind The Greek New Testament
Mike Aubrey Koine Greek
Markus Vinzent Markus Vinzent’s Blog
Philip B. Payne Philip B. Payne
Timothy N. Mitchell The Textual Mechanic
Brent Nongbri Variant Readings
5. Theory and Reception:
Matt Page Bible Films Blog
University of Helsinki CSST: Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions
David B. Gowler A Chorus of Voices: The Reception History of the Parables
Richard Goode Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception
Deane Galbraith Remnant of Giants
SIIBS Shiloh Project
6. Commercial Journals and Publishers
Le Monde de la Bible Les actualités du Monde de la Bible
Eerdmans Eerdword
Zondervan Koinonia
T&T Clark Theology & Biblical Studies
Total biblioblogs 137

8 thoughts on “Complete List of Biblioblogs

  1. Well, to be listed, we’d be looking for at least a few posts in the last year, and no signs that the blogger ceased at some point.

  2. To Biblioblog managers. I was listed as a Biblioblog author: Albert Nygren registered author 5221 in the original Biblioblog (before the computers crashed and were down for such a long time. I also write under the name Almagore or Almagor. Could my old records be found and joined to your new records and either my old author # be used or a new author #be generated. Thank you very much.

  3. I don’t have a blog at the present moment. Does one have to have a blog to be considered or listed as a Biblioblog author?

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