June 2011 Top 10 Biblioblogs

Thanks to all who voted for this month’s Biblioblog Top 10! Sorry for the lateness of the post (and for not having time for some artwork). We’ve had quite a shakeup this month, with a new #1 blogger and several newcomers to the list. Here is your biblioblogger-chosen top 10 biblioblogs:

1. Suzanne McCarthy, Suzanne’s Bookshelf
2. James McGrath, Exploring Our Matrix
3. Joel Watts, Unsettled Christianity
4. April DeConick, The Forbidden Gospels
5. Jane Stranz, Of life, laughter and liturgy
6.  J. R. Daniel Kirk, Storied Theology
7. Christian Brady, Targuman
8. Tim Gombis, Faith Improvised
9. Jim West, Zwinglius Redivivus
10. Rachel Held Evans


May 2011 Top 10 Biblioblogs

I have to apologize for the lateness of this post. I have been out of town for two of the last three weeks and was dealing with a sick toddler for the week I was in town. I am putting the list together and will have it up soon.

UPDATE: Here we go. Remember, you can send in your votes any time you want to bibliobloggerstop10 ( a ) yahoo.com. We’ve already done numbers 1 and 2, so I guess we’ll do a drawing of #3 this time. Since I haven’t really had time to sit down and do a legitimate caricature, I’ll post an old charcoal piece I did of my wife and myself.

1. James McGrath, Exploring Our Matrix

2. J. R. Daniel Kirk, Storied Theology

3. Daniel O. McClellan

4. Joel Watts, Unsettled Christianity

5.  Suzanne McCarthy, Suzanne’s Bookshelf

6. Edith van den Berg, Zetitikos (Dutch)

7. April DeConick, The Forbidden Gospels

8. Stephen Douglas, Undeception

9. Amanda, Cheese-Wearing Theology

10. Jim West, Zwinglius Redivivus

April 2011 Top 10 Biblioblogs

I received several emails this month voting just for one blog, and the same blog each time, but none of the voters included URLs for their own blogs, and I didn’t recognize any of the names. Rather than respond individually to each email, I’ll remind everyone that this list is determined by biblioblogger vote, and bibliobloggers who vote should include their blog’s URL after their vote (at least the first time, anyway). Send emails to bibliobloggerstop10 ( a ) yahoo.com. With that said, here’s your list for this month, with blogger number 2 caricatured. Unfortunately, time restrains prevent me from listing all the honorable mentions:

1. James McGrath, Exploring Our Matrix
2. Daniel O. McClellan
3. James Bradford Pate, James’ Thoughts and Musings
4. Jim Davila, Paleojudaica
5. Andrew Byers and Joel Busby, Hopeful Realism
6. Stephen Douglas, Undeception
7. Various, Biologos
8. Kurk Gayle, Aristotle’s Feminist Subject
9. Kevin Brown, Diglotting
10. J. R. Daniel Kirk, Storied Theology

March 2011 Top 10 Biblioblogs

We’ve been seeing an increase in voting, which is great, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement, as my old football coach use to yell at me. Again I’ve gone with a quick sketch of blogger #2 this month (and I just noticed I left a significant portion of it unfinished), as McGrath continues his reign. Surely someone else can uproot him next month, right?

1. James McGrath, Exploring Our Matrix

2. April DeConick, Forbidden Gospels

3. Suzanne McCarthy, Suzanne’s Bookshelf

4. Brian LePort, et al., Near Emmaus

5. J. R. Daniel Kirk, Storied Theology

6. Joel Watts, Unsettled Christianity

7. Bob Cargill, XKV8R

8. John Hobbins, Ancient Hebrew Poetry

9. Rod of Alexandria, et al., Political Jesus

10. Larry Hurtado, Larry Hurtado’s Blog

Here are the honorable mentions, in alphabetical order:

Abnormal Interests
A Fistful of Farthings
Arni Zachariassen, I Think I Believe
Bill Hamblin, Patheos
Bitsy Griffin, Jack of All Trades
Brian Fulthorp, συνεσταυρωμαι
Center for the Study of Christian Origins
Cheese Wearing Theology
Daniel O. McClellan
NT Stumblr (Deinde)
Dave Black Online
Dave Meadows, Rogue Classicism
David Larsen, Heavenly Ascents
Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop and Tea Room
Eis Doxan
Hebrew and Greek Reader
Homebrewed Theology
Jane Stranz, Of life, laughter and liturgy
Jim Faulconer, Times and Seasons
Jim Getz
John Byron, The Biblical World
Maggi Dawn
Marc Cortez, Scientia et Sapientia
NT Blog
Mason, New Ways Forward
Matthew Paul Turner, Jesus Needs New PR
Neil Godfrey, Vridar
New Leaven
On Not Being a Sausage
Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, Velveteen Rabbi
Rachel Held Evans
Rachel Marszalek, Revising Reform
Richard Beck, Experimental Theology
Richard Carrier Blogs
R. Joseph Hoffmann, The New Oxonian
Shawna R. B. Atteberry
Stalin’s Mustache
The Very Worst Missionary
Tim Henderson, Earliest Christianity
Steve Douglas, Undeception
William Varner, DrlBEX Ideas
Zwinglius Redivivus

February 2011 Top 10 Biblioblogs

Thanks to everyone who sent in your votes this month. Our number 1 biblioblogger remains the same, but the rest of the rankings have been shaken up. I’ve done a very quick caricature of our number 2 biblioblogger for this month (I apologize, but I’ve been pressed for time) and have included after the rankings the other blogs that received votes, in alphabetic order. If your blog is on there, somebody loves you and decided to vote. If your blog isn’t on there, the people who love you didn’t vote this time around. Make sure to let them know they need to show their love next month!

1. James McGrath, Exploring Our Matrix

2. J.R. Daniel Kirk, Storied Theology

3. John Hobbins, Ancient Hebrew Poetry

4. Brian LePort, Near Emmaus

5. Suzanne McCarthy’s Suzanne’s Bookshelf

6. April DeConick, The Forbidden Gospels

7. Joel Watts, Unsettled Christianity

8. Mark Goodacre, NT Blog

9. Daniel O. McClellan, Daniel O. McClellan

10. Steve Douglas, Undeception


And these are the other blogs that received votes this month:

Abnormal Interests
a Nadder
Ari’s Blog of Awesome
Bible Geek Gone Wild
Biblical World
Center for the Study of Christian Origins
Cheese-Wearing Theology
Experimental Theology
Homebrewed Theology
James’ Thoughts and Musings
Larry Hurtado
Naked Bible
New Leaven
Nijay Gupta
Old Testament Audio Blog
Political Jesus
Religion Bulletin
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
Science and the Sacred (Biologos)
scientia et sapientia
Simul Iustus et Peccator
Theological Scribbles
Till He Comes
Twisted Crown of Thorns
Verily Verily
Zwinglius Redivivus

January 2011 Top 10 Biblioblogs

We had more votes this time around, but I know there are a lot more of you out there who aren’t voting. Don’t be afraid.

Here’s your top 10 for last month, determined by you, the biblioblogging community. Since we did McGrath’s caricature last month, we’ll do #2 this month, the brooding Bob Cargill.

1. Exploring Our Matrix (James McGrath)
2. XKV8R (Bob Cargill)
3. Unsettled Christianity (Joel Watts)
4. Targuman (Chris Brady)
5. Paleojudaica (Jim Davila)
6. Storied Theology (J.D. Kirk)
7. Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop and Tea Room (Jim Linville)
8. New Leaven (T.C. Robinson)
9. The Forbidden Gospels (April DeConick)
10. Scientia et Sapientia (Marc Cortez)

You can send in your votes whenever you’d like to bibliobloggerstop10 ( @ ) yahoo.com. We’ll see you next time around.

Your Top 10 Blogs for December 2010

Original post here: http://bibliobloggerstop10.wordpress.com/2011/01/01/you-top-10-blogs-for-december-2010/ (by Daniel McClellan)

* * * * *

Following are the blogger-determined top 10 blogs for the month of December. And for your entertainment, we’ll create caricatures of our #1 blogger each month. Your winner this month is James McGrath at Exploring Our Matrix!

2. Paleojudaica
3. Excavator: The Official Blog of Robert Cargill
4. Storied Theology
5. Unsettled Christianity
6. Diglotting
7. כל־האדם
8. Experimental Theology
10. The Sacred Page

We had few voters this time around, so this list represents a very limited portion of the biblioblogosphere. Be sure to send your votes in to bibliobloggerstop10[at]yahoo.com for January’s blogger-determined top 10.