Complete List of Facebook Biblical Studies pages

This is a list of currently active biblical studies pages on Facebook. 

The list contains pages and groups on Facebook which deal primarily with matters concerning academic biblical studies. While this is the most useful, most up-to-date and best list of biblical studies on Facebook which is available, it is not “official” or “authoritative”, and it can only aim to be complete.

The Facebook biblical studies pages are categorized as follows:

  1. General Biblical Studies
  2. Hebrew Bible / Early Judaism
  3. New Testament / Early Christianity
  4. Textual Criticism, Translation, and Linguistics
  5. Theory and Reception
  6. Commercial Journals and Publishers
  7. Technical and Software

In addition, Related Facebook pages with a different primary focus to biblical studies are categorized as follows:

  1. Judaism
  2. Christianity
  3. ANE & Mediterranean Archaeology
  4. Religious Studies

Here is the list of Facebook biblical studies pages:

1. General Biblical Studies:
Aotearoa-New Zealand Association of Biblical Studies (ANZABS)
BiBIL – Biblical Bibliography of Lausanne (Switzerland)
Biblical Studies at King’s College London
The British New Testament Society
Department of Biblical Studies (Azusa)
Department of Biblical Studies – University of Sheffield
Durham University Theology & Religion Postgraduates (Group)
European Association of Biblical Studies (Group)
Irish Biblical Association (Group)
OT/ NT Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha
SBL Student Members
SECSOR (Group)
Society of Biblical Literature (Group)
Theology on the Web
Toronto School of Theology Biblical Department Seminar
University of Nottingham Department of Theology and Religious Studies
Unofficial Facebook Page for the Department of Biblical Studies at Sheffield (Group)
2. Hebrew Bible / Early Judaism:
Enoch Seminar
IOQS – International Organization for Qumran Studies (Group)
Keith W. Whitelam
Projeto de Estudos Judaico-Helenísticos – PEJ
Society for Old Testament Study (Group)
3. New Testament / Early Christianity: The Less Sensational Site
Biblical Studies at King’s College London
Nag Hammadi Seminar (Concordia University, Montreal)
New Testament and Christian Origins
New Testament Scholarship Worldwide (Group)
Society for New Testament Study (Group)
4. Textual Criticism, Translation, and Linguistics:
Coptic Literature and Manuscripts (Alin Suciu)
Greek Isaiah in a Year
Hebrew Codicology and Paleography (Group)
How the Bible Became a Book (Group)
New Testament Textual Criticism (Group)
Seisho Girishiago Koza (Biblical Greek Studies)
5. Theory and Reception:
Center & Library for the Bible and Social Justice
Feminist Theology
Queer Biblical Studies and Theologies (Group)
Queer Theology
Scriptural Reception History
6. Commercial Journals and Publishers
Accordance Bible
Baker Academic
Bloomsbury Academic
Canadian Society for Coptic Studies
Fortress Press Forum
Hendrickson Publishers
Kregel Academic
Religious & Biblical Studies – Brill Publishing
Routledge Religion
Sheffield Phoenix Press
T&T Clark
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Zondervan Academic
7. Technical and software:
Logos Bible Software
Total Biblical Studies Facebook Pages 58
Related Facebook Pages:
1. Judaism
Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies
IOTS – International Organization for Targumic Studies (Group)
Jewish Studies on Facebook
Lehrstuhl für Judaistik an der Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
2. Christianity
Candida Moss
Christian Bloggers Network (Group)
Christian History Magazine
Corpus Hellenisticum Novi Testamenti (CHNT)
Dispatches from the Religious Left (Group)
The Gifford Lectures
The Library, Tyndale House, Cambridge
Postcolonial Theology Network (Group)
Πρωτοβουλία Χριστιανών κατά του Εθνοφυλετισμού, Νεοφασισμού, Νεοναζισμού
Theology on the Web
3. ANE & Mediterranean Archaeology
ALMMG – Ancient Levant and Mediterranean multidisciplinary Gathering (Group)
American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR)
Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Fuller
Ashdod Yam Excavation
Biblical Archaeology (Group)
Jewish History, Genealogy and Archaeology (Group)
The Jezreel Expedition
Kara Cooney – Egyptologist
The Lautenschläger Azekah Expedition
Tel Dan Archaeology
University of Iowa Tel Azekah 2013 Information Group
4. Religious Studies
CHAOS – Skandinavisk tidsskrift for religionshistoriske studier
History of Religions
Total related Facebook pages 27
Total Facebook pages listed 85

If you know of any Facebook page which should to be added to this list, please contact biblioblogtop50 [at]

6 thoughts on “Complete List of Facebook Biblical Studies pages

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    the limits of revealed knowledge in human society belong to the Holy Trinity that is in all creation
    scientific knowledge are interweaved, intertwine, intertwine, feeds …….. with the revealed knowledge
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    beyond the “human society games” in “day and night” in the working teams besides the specialised people who deal with financial, production, ……….. you need also people which from the love for the human society, the love for the human persons, the love for the work, the love for the research, ……………. to be able to “stretch out the hand” and to take the required revealed knowledge
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    cunoasterea stiintifica se intrepatrunde, ingemaneaza, se hraneste …….. cu cunoaterea revelata
    accesul la cunoasterea revelata este determinat, cauzat, ……….. de cerintele Ceresti, de conlucrarea Cer pamant
    dincolo de “jocurile societatii umane” “in zi si noapte” in colectivele de lucru pe linga oameni care sa se ocupe de financiar, productie, ……….. aveti nevoie de oameni care din dragoste de societatea umana, de persoana umana, din dragoste de munca depusa, din dragoste de cercetare, ……………. sa poata sa “intinda mana” si sa ea cunoasterea revelata necesara
    cei care se bazeaza pe cunoasterea stiintifica pot merge inainte ca produse finite concrete, dar totdeauna se vor intrepatrunde, ……….” cu cei care se bazeaza pe cunoasterea revelata ca forma de expresie a Sfintei Treimi

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