The Complete List of Biblioblogs has been Updated, with a Gender Analysis

The Biblioblog Top 50 has updated its Complete List of Biblioblogs. Please have a look to see what interests you in the world of biblical studies blogging.

In 2009, we analysed the gender of biblical studies bloggers (“Bibliobloggers Overwhelmingly Male and Goy”). The results revealed that biblioblogdom was highly male-dominated. These results correlated strongly with the dominance of “Very Conservative” and “Fairly Conservative” bloggers in the field of biblical studies.

Gender of Bibliobloggers 2009

As the following graph shows, the highly male-dominated nature of biblioblogging has continued today, while the overall popularity of the medium has declined.


Do you know of a biblioblog that should be added to our list?

As we have only recently updated the “complete” list, it is quite probable that some biblioblogs are still missing. We would appreciate it if you let us know of any blogs which you think should be included, either in the comments or by emailing biblioblogtop50[at]yahoo[dot]com. The list aims to include all blogs (including podcasts) which deal primarily with matters concerning academic biblical studies. We believe it offers a useful resource for readers and bibliobloggers.